Steering & Suspension Repairs - Wauchope

Reduce tyre wear and increase driver comfort and safety.

Once a modern vehicle is more than two to three years old a thorough inspection of the steering and suspension components is recommended.

"Power steering fluid leaks are common and can cause major component damage and loss of steering".

Leaks usually start out small with a loose clamp or fitting, if left unchecked levels will eventually become too low for the system to work effectively.

Older vehicles, 4wds, commercial vehicles and trucks may require regular greasing of tie rod ends, ball joints and steering box adjustments.

Shock absorbers can’t do all the work, springs, shackle bushes, torsion and sway bar rubbers all wear and need replacing.

Our Hinterland roads are notorious for accelerating suspension wear.

If your suspension components are worn your shock absorbers will suffer and a domino effect will take place, tyre wear will increase, fuel economy will go up and passenger comfort and safety goes down.

Regular servicing and inspection will highlight problem areas while they are still a relatively inexpensive repair, saving you money over the long term and improving safety for you and your passengers.

If your car takes a dive when you brake or your leaving an oil stain wherever you park or you would like to have your steering and suspension checked before it’s too late.

Call our office today and book your vehicle in for an inspection.