Machine Shop - Wauchope

With three generations of qualified machinists in the family, you are guaranteed exceptional workmanship.

The in house machine shop plays an integral role in the business, allowing:

  • Flywheels
  • Disc brake rotors
  • Brake drums

And other automotive machining to be carried out efficiently and cost effectively.

As Wauchope Motors requires no third parties to machine worn elements on your cars, 4WD’s, commercial vehicles, farm equipment and trucks means:

  • Quality control is kept at the highest standard
  • Turnaround times are dramatically reduced
  • and costs are monitored and controlled.

With mechanic and machinist working side by side, engine rebuilds, axle repairs, component overhauls all become possible and affordable at the one convenient location.

Before you add it to the scrap heap or start to track down a replacement part, give Wauchope Motors a call.

With 70 years knowledge past through three generations, they will be able to help.