Clutch & Brake Replacement - Wauchope

Clutch plates and brakes are made of a similar material, this material is forced against a machined surface.

With a clutch this machined surface is called the flywheel, with the brakes it is the disc brake rotor.

There are many different brands and types of clutch kits and brake pads available in the market place today.

"Choosing the ones that best suit your vehicle, driving requirements and offer value for money is our objective".

It is highly recommended that the machined surfaces be skimmed between brake and clutch changes, resulting in a fresh surface for your new brake pads or clutch plate.

If not machined surfaces typically wear unevenly due to heat and hard spots in the pads. This reduces both the effectiveness and the usable life of the new pads and clutch.

"Our in house machine shop offers machining services at an affordable price. We offer integrated fitting and machining to speed up turn around and ensure excellent quality control".

Most pads have a steel warning strip that will touch the brake disc when pads are low. If you notice a squeal when braking it is time to have an inspection.

When a clutch is worn you may notice that the motor is revving high but you have no power when climbing hills and it may also be hard to select gears.

"Brake pads are inspected and clutches are tested as part of every service at Wauchope Motors".

If your vehicle requires a new clutch or brakes, call today and we can recommend a product that you can trust and that will best meet your requirements and budget.